Block-A-Palooza Block 6

12 Feb

Block 6 was designed by Happy Zombie, and is called You Are Here. I will admit, I was a little scared of this pattern, it looks really complicated and the instructions were sparse but I decided to tackle it today.

Pieces all cut out:

Feb 12 2011 (1 of 6)

This one had quite a few pieces but actually came together quickly. Maybe too quickly though. I’m not sure what happened but a bunch of my blocks are kind of wonky and don’t even get me started on the center. I might have to redo it at the end if I have enough fabric, it is just too small. I must have measured wrong when I squared it up because I though it was correct. That being said here is my block 6 imperfections and all:

Feb 12 2011 (2 of 6)

I also realized that I need to pay more attention to the direction of those directional prints because I wasn’t consistent. This is why I’m happy I’m doing this project, it’s teaching me to pay attention.

Here are all 6 blocks so far:

Feb 12 2011 (3 of 6)

After I finished block 6 I decided it was time to tackle a mound of strips that needed to be cut for a gift I am working on. I finally finished! Here are all 216 strips, I’m exhausted.

Feb 12 2011 (5 of 6)

I am so close to being done all the cutting for this quilt and I have finished sewing 25% of the blocks. By tomorrow I should only be sewing. This is my first bed-sized quilt, it’s only a twin but it’s so much bigger than what I have been doing.

I continued cutting in an attempt to finish it all today but once I got to this print and started getting dizzy I decided it was time to call it a day.

Feb 12 2011 (6 of 6)

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