Block-A-Palooza #8 and #9

26 Feb

I finished the borders around block 8 and decided not to do the machine stitching around the applique yet for a very important reason. Today I ordered a new sewing machine! I want to wait for it to come so I can use a satin stitch.  So here is block 8, almost complete.

Feb 26 2011 (1 of 7)

Today after spending the majority of the last week working on the twin quilt I decided to get back to block-a-palooza and tackle block 9. Block 9 is from Blue Nickel Studios.

First I cut out all the pieces:

Feb 26 2011 (2 of 7)

Then I made these adorable little geese:

Feb 26 2011 (4 of 7)

Followed by this nine patch:

Feb 26 2011 (5 of 7)

And finally the whole thing together:

Feb 26 2011 (6 of 7)

It got a little wonky, not sure why but overall I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Tomorrow I’ll blog about block 10!

One Response to “Block-A-Palooza #8 and #9”

  1. Scott February 27, 2011 at 4:19 PM #

    Looks awesome!! Sometimes things that little can get a little wonky from the pressing…but I didn’t even notice it was wonky really..

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