Owls for Jett: Process

17 Apr

This quilt was based on one of the simple modern baby quilts (the pattern includes 3 different quilt designs) from Oh, Fransson! but it is much bigger and required some planning.

I started by making a little excel of how the quilt might look, then I calculated how much fabric I would need based on the final size and number of blocks I wanted. I needed to make sure I would have enough fabric based on how many different prints I selected:

Jett (4 of 5) Jett (3 of 5)

Jett (2 of 5)

Like I said in my previous posts it was pretty rudimentary but it worked out. I used 8 brown prints, 8 Blue prints, the Kona Charcoal Solid and a lot of Alexander Henry Witchy Stitchy Owls.

There are 54 of the owl blocks and I made 32 blue in brown and 32 brown in blue blocks so that I would have extra to do a row in the back.

After that is was a lot of cutting and sewing!

Jett (1 of 1)

Here I have finished half of the coloured blocks, 1 owl block just to make sure I liked the grey I selected, and the other half of the coloured blocks are cut and ready to go.

Once I had all the coloured blocks finished I started putting them up on my wall, and slowly filled it in as I went.

Jett (1 of 2) For Jett (2 of 5)

I had about a million owl blocks to go (or 54):

For Jett (5 of 5)

Once that was all done I sewed all the blocks together, and then all the rows. Which I was obviously quite focused on because I didn’t take any pictures in progress.

Then I tinkered with the back until I was happy with the result:

Jett (5 of 5)

Then I wrapped up the whole thing and took it to be quilted. 3 weeks later I got the quilt back and I was ready to trim the edges in the afternoon sun:

For Jett (1 of 11)

And machine sew one side of the binding to the front of the quilt:

For Jett (3 of 11)

Then I spent many hours on the couch watching TV while I hand stitched the other side of the binding down to the back. Gave it a quick wash and it was ready to go. This one was lots of fun to do.

2 Responses to “Owls for Jett: Process”

  1. Nathan April 17, 2011 at 2:42 PM #

    wow so many hours of tedious work. It’s so great, we love it Jaclyn! Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Jaclyn April 17, 2011 at 2:43 PM #

      Not tedious at all! I do it because I like it, if I thought it was tedious it wouldn’t be my hobby 😉 So glad you like it.

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