Modern Solids Quilt Along

18 Apr

Because I am a glutton for punishment I have signed up for another quilt along during tax season. This one is hosted by Patchwork Squared and uses only solids and 9 modern block designs. The icon is in my sidebar if you ever want to check out what’s going on with the quilt along.

I will admit I am late to the game with this one. I was missing one colour to get started and then it arrived when I was finishing up my last quilt so things got left for another week or so.

Week 1 was all about selecting fabrics, no blocks were posted. Since I already had a good idea what I wanted to do and had fabric en route I was home free.

I decided to do this quilt for my own living room, something to keep for myself so that I would feel safe taking a few risks. I pulled a cushion from our couch and selected some fabrics.

P2 - Week 1 (2 of 3)

I decided to go with Kona chocolate, Raisin and Artichoke. Then I added a light neutral and ended up here:

P2 - Week 1 (3 of 3)

Added Snow to the mix. I will need to select a sashing colour but I might wait until the whole thing is complete before I decide what to do.

In week 2 the hosts dropped a bomb, we had to create our own design for the center block. I will admit I had no idea what to do but after a bit of looking I decided I would do an hourglass block.

This is the result:

P2 - Week 1 (1 of 3)

Clearly not my finest work. The points are not lined up well, mostly because my machine was grabbing at the fatter seams. I think I might need to change my needle and try sewing it together again. Besides the random wonkiness I’m happy with the colours and design. And because the colours are actually quite similar and it’s hard to tell in the photo, the top corner is chocolate and the bottom corner is raisin.

Hopefully I can do the two week 2 blocks and the two week 3 blocks this week to get caught up.

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