Modern Solids QAL – Week 5

1 May

Happy May 1st to everyone! I love May because it means that I can finally spend more time outside. While most of the world already has green grass and planted gardens we are just starting to see signs of life outside and I love it!

I also love May because it means the end of Tax Madness, which will allow me to spend more time in my sewing room. I decided to kick off the month with a few blocks this afternoon.

It is week 5 in the Patchwork Squared Modern Solids Quilt Along. Block #1 was posted Thursday and block #2 was posted today but I did both of them today.

The first block is called Tail Spin, and it was my first time making quarter square triangles!

P2 - Week 5 (1 of 3)

And here is the block fully assembled:

P2 - Week 5 (2 of 3)

A few alignment issues for sure, but I’m hoping they get lost in the completed top.

The second block for week 5 is called stacked:

P2 - Week 5 (3 of 3)

I actually improvised this a little because I made a mistake cutting one of the strips and then used a scrap of another colour (Artichoke), then I stacked them the way I thought they looked best because the purple and brown are so similar. In the end I think I improvised too much because there is an error. The entire block is 12.5 inches wide, but only about 12 inches high. I think I will sew another strip onto the top or bottom and then square it up to fix the difference, but I haven’t yet.

Only 1 more week of block construction and then on to assembly. I still have the previous quilt along (Waiting for Spring) to assemble as well so it looks like it’ll be a busy May!

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