A Quick Finish

20 Aug

Hello! Summer is not quilting season. As much as I had dreams of tackling many, many sewing projects this summer it just didn’t happen. Between vacation, weekend events and visitors I hardly found any time to just sit and sew.

The good news is my mind is swirling with ideas! I have fabric en route for some new projects and I have been stockpiling resources for the things I want to do this fall.

Last weekend it really started to feel like fall around here, the temperature started dropping at night and a jacket is required in the mornings. And suddenly I felt like sewing. I wanted a quick project though, something I could tackle in one day just to get back into the swing of things.

I had seen a tutorial on the Fabricworm blog for a simple blanket and decided to give it a try for a friend who recently had a baby.

It was really easy! Just use the full width of fabric, some simple piecing on the front, a one piece back, and some machine tacking to hold the layers together, finish with hand binding and that’s it!

Here is the front:

August 20 2011 (1 of 6)

I used some Hope Valley leftover and a Citron Michael Miller for the accent and binding.

Here is more detail on the front:

August 20 2011 (2 of 6)

On the back I used some Alexander Henry Witchy Stitchy Owls from the big owl quilt I did a few months ago.

Here is a portion of the back, complete with label:

August 20 2011 (4 of 6)

I had to mess around with the machine tacking quite a bit. The Janome Horizon doesn’t allow you to reduce the stich length to zero on any of the zig zag stitches (that I could find), so the first pass I did just 4 or 5 stitches every 6 inches at the shortest stitch length (0.2), it looked great, until I washed the finished product and most were coming undone. So I had to go back over every single tack and so the same thing, and then backstitch a few stitches as well.

Here you can see the tack on the back, it’s a bit bulkier than I had intended (it’s in the center of the image):

August 20 2011 (5 of 6)

Overall it turned out decently. It took about 4 hours to cut, sew and tack the quilt and then about another 4 hours to do the binding (including the hand stitching). It is easily a one day project if you don’t have any distractions.

August 20 2011 (6 of 6)

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