Announcing our Baby Girl

5 May

So this is a little late…but on March 25th we welcomed a baby girl into our family.


She was born at 3am after a very speedy labour and an unexpected/unassisted home birth. We are so thrilled to have her around.

Not surprisingly she has been taking up a ton of my time, but I do have some sewing projects on the go.

First of all I signed up for a sewing buddy again this year over at Whipstich Fabrics which is such a wonderful program. My buddy and I are participating in the first challenge  where we need to make a boy and girl item out of coordinating fabric. I’ll keep the project a surprise but I will tell you that my pattern and fabric arrived this week and I can’t wait to get started, I just need to pick up a few notions.

I’m also signing up for a hand sewing class through Stitched in Color, it hasn’t started yet but I’m really excited because I want to pick up some skills that I can practice while sitting on the couch for those days I just can’t make it to the sewing room. I’ve also been looking for a relaxing activity/hobby and I know hand stitching will fit the bill since I love hand stitching binding onto quilts so much.

Oh and I reallly need to finish up our daughter’s quilt. She won’t know that it wasn’t done when she was born right?

So that is what is going on around here! I’m so excited to be getting back into sewing after a break that was much too long.

5 Responses to “Announcing our Baby Girl”

  1. Debbie May 5, 2012 at 10:24 PM #

    Congratulations on baby!! How exciting! Glad you are getting back into your sewing – welcome!

    • Ashley Dawn May 6, 2012 at 8:11 AM #

      Beautiful little girl and beautiful quilts!!!!!
      Love your blog Jaclyn- you are very talented. I’m happy you are getting back into sewing. And no she won’t know you didn’t have her quilt done before she was born!! 🙂 I have many many many rows left to knit on my blanket and my baby is 4 days late so far. lol

  2. Wendy May 6, 2012 at 7:44 PM #

    I finished my first’s quilt (all that was left was the binding!) when he was about a year (we had been using it regardless of the binding), and my daughter didn’t get her quilt until she was 2. For my third, due on Saturday – I haven’t even begun to think about it. 😀 You are doing so well!

  3. Lea May 9, 2012 at 10:00 PM #

    Congrats on your sweet baby…I have made my son (he is 10) many blankets, but no quilts (yet!!) I do feel kinda guilty about that, but I am planning on making him one, he is going to help me plan it. Enjoy every minute, they are small only once.

  4. Jaclyn May 13, 2012 at 1:10 PM #

    Thank you everyone! And thank you for not making me feel so bad about the unfinished quilt 😉

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