Adventures in Dress Making: Part III

29 May

Well folks, an important lesson has been learned tonight: I know nothing about interfacing!

Today was the day to prepare and attach the neck facing to the dress. When I attached the interfacing to the neck facing on day 1 I used light fusible web that I use for quilting. I adhered it to one side and then pulled the paper off the other side leaving the interfacing tacky.

Things went all sorts of downhill today because of this. I don’t know if I should have left the paper on or if there is another type of interfacing I should have been using entirely! Apparently I should have looked into this first. Not only could I not sew over the sticky parts because they jammed up my machine, but I also had problems with pressing, my interfacing stuck to itself and made a mess.

Let’s see some photographic evidence!

Here is the prepared neck facing, looks innocent enough:

Family Reunion - Day 3 (1 of 4)

Then I sewed the shoulder seems and attached the neck facing. I got through the sewing problems by putting some freezer paper over the tacky interfacing and sewing right through it and tearing it off after.

Then I flipped the neck facing over and pressed it towards the front. The problem is that the interfacing was sticking to itself so I got creases in the neck facing that I can’t remove. I did my best to smooth them out and unfortunately this is the best I could do:

Family Reunion - Day 3 (2 of 4)

Can you see the creases? Maybe this shows them better:

Family Reunion - Day 3 (3 of 4)

Despite the creases I kept trucking since I would have had to start over at the beginning to fix the problem and I figured no one will notice in the finished product, so I went ahead and top stitched the neck facing down.

Lesson learned! If you have any interfacing wisdom to share with me I would appreciate it.

3 Responses to “Adventures in Dress Making: Part III”

  1. Wendy May 30, 2012 at 2:56 PM #

    Sounds like you ended up with the interfacing that is sticky on both sides (fusible web I think?). I use it for applique projects. You adhere it to the back of fabric, cut out shape, then iron it onto the front of another piece of fabric.

    You would want the interfacing that you just iron on the one side. The second side doesn’t have paper.

  2. hilary May 31, 2012 at 11:57 PM #

    Yes, I think Wendy is right. For dressmaking, interfacing typically has one side which is “tacky”, and which fuses and irons on, and the other side is not tacky. Dress still looks cute though!

  3. Jaclyn June 3, 2012 at 9:56 PM #

    Thanks! You guys are totally right, I need a different interfacing. I figured such a thing might exist when it didn’t work out at all! I’ll have to make sure to pick some up for my next project.

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