Adventures in Dress Making: Part IV

5 Jun

Last night I spent 4 hours in my sewing room. I skipped my run in favour of finishing up the Family Reunion dress. With only a few short breaks to feed the baby I was able to get a lot done.

The first thing I did was sew on the sleeves, it was terrifying. I did okay though, I only sewed one on inside out necessitating an entire seam rip. Using the basting stitches to gather was actually quite easy and with the help of a lot of pins I was reasonably pleased with the result (but I refuse to show the inside):

Family Reunion - Day 4 (5 of 6)

After the sleeves I finished the side seams (oohhh French seams – how fancy!):

Family Reunion - Day 4 (4 of 6)

Then I hemmed the sleeves (they are actually hemmed in the photo above).

After that I recut the hem facing, I had originally cut it from the same fabric I used for the dress but after adding the pop of orange to the front I decided to do the hem facing orange as well. Then it was time to finish the hem. I used contrasting orange thread and I actually just eyeballed the stitching (don’t judge).

Family Reunion - Day 4 (6 of 6)

Family Reunion - Day 4 (1 of 6)

I decided to keep going and sew my button holes. I had never used this feature of my machine before. I have a programmable function where you just pop the button in the back of the foot and it makes the holes the appropriate size. It looks like this:

Family Reunion - Day 4 (2 of 6)

I went over each hole 2 times because I liked the look better. Here they are prior to cutting open:

Family Reunion - Day 4 (3 of 6)

And that is where I stopped for the night! The only thing left to do is sew on the buttons. Check back tomorrow for the finished product.

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