Sewing Room Update!

31 Dec

Well I am happy to say my sewing room is almost complete! My husband is still making a few things for me (thread holder and pressing board) and I was tempted not to post this until it was all done, but I wanted to get one last post in for 2012.

2012 certainly will not be known as the year of finished projects (*cough* zero *cough*) or even blog posts, so at the very least I want to be able to say that I organized and cleaned my room for a fresh start in 2013. This week I want to post about my creative goals for 2013 and the projects I have on the horizon. I feel renewed and excited and like I’m finally able to carve out some time for myself.

Until then here is my spiffed up sewing room (iPhone pictures were the best I could do last night):

View from the door:

Photo 2012-12-30 9 52 00 PM

Clean sewing table. Soon there will be a shelf and thread holder above the workspace.

Photo 2012-12-30 9 52 20 PM

Stash Shot. I still need to fold and organize the multicolour prints on the bottom shelf. I also plan on organizing better within the individual stacks. Scarps are on the bottom but I plan on making scrap bins to put on the shelf above my sewing table.

Photo 2012-12-30 9 52 27 PM

Cutting Table. You can also see my WIP bins on the window ledge.

Photo 2012-12-30 9 52 55 PM

Sewing books all organized:

Photo 2012-12-30 9 53 10 PM

I’m so happy to have a much more organized space. Now I feel free to get to work. Obviously a few things still need to be done but this is such a good start I don’t even care.

I have so many exciting things to tell you about in my next post!

One Response to “Sewing Room Update!”

  1. citricsugar January 2, 2013 at 5:44 PM #

    The space looks great!!

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