For Baby N 2.0

5 Jan

Wow I’m behind on blogging. See, I can explain. My dear husband decided to buy me a new copy of Lightroom for editing my photos and we decided it was time for a good clean up of my computer, so we wiped the entire thing and did a clean install. When we went to install Lightroom it wouldn’t install, turns out the new version does not work on Windows Vista. Well a few weeks and a new OS later, I’m finally back in business with a functioning computer.

This quilt was completed back in November for a friend who was expecting her second baby, she has since had a beautiful baby boy!

I used Elizabeth Hartman’s Knee Sock pattern. I just loved the pattern and decided that 4 blocks would be a good baby size (48 x 48). Had I done a little pre-planning I would have discovered that things would have gone a lot more quickly with strip piecing. As it was I followed the pattern and cut each tiny piece individually. I made an error too in the block construction – but I still LOVE this quilt. I love it so much I want to make myself a big version.

I finished this quilt on a Monday night in the winter, with plans of giving it away on a Wednesday night. There was literally not one moment of daylight where I was able to take photos between completion and gifting, so these dark snow pictures will have to do.

The front is a mix of blue prints and Kona Ash:

For Spencer

For Spencer-2

Quilted in non-fussy straight lines:

For Spencer-4

The back is Fanfare flannel, so soft and cozy:

For Spencer-3

I hope the newest baby N has many warm snuggles with this quilt.

One Response to “For Baby N 2.0”

  1. Carol July 8, 2014 at 1:26 PM #

    Love this quilt!

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