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A Wedding Quilt for Sean and Julie

26 Dec

I’m trying to catch up on blogging my finished projects from 2014 before the year is up. My brother-in-law got married this summer in Toronto and although they requested no gifts I wanted to make a wedding quilt for them.

Sean and Julie

I choose Aria Land Resonance as the pattern because I wanted something clean and simple to fit into their home. This quilt is 100% shot cottons and they have a lovely drape and feel.

Sean and Julie-2

I decided to use wool batting for the first time because it is light and warm and the drape is perfection. It has a little more loft than my usual choice too so the quilting really shines. This one was long-armed by my friend Lisa.

Sean and Julie-3

I kept it simple by binding in the background colour. Here you can really see the shimmer of the shot cottons:

Sean and Julie-4

In the end I wish I had done it larger, I feel like it isn’t quite big enough for snuggling on the couch.

Sean and Julie-5

I hope Sean and Julie love their wedding quilt and enjoy many happy years together.

A Matching Set

7 Jun

One of my friends recently asked me to make a stroller quilt for her newest baby. She also wanted a matching doll quilt to give to her son for when the new baby was born. She gave me full creative freedom, saying only that she liked grey and pops of colour.

I thought about what to do for awhile but eventually settled on a pattern from Elizabeth Dackson’s (of Don’t Call Me Betsy fame) Book – Becoming a Confident Quilter. I freehanded my random cuts and finished up the blocks at 10.5”.

Here are the finished quilts:

For Saff

The doll quilt is 20” x 30” and the stroller quilt is 30” x 40”.

For Saff-5

I backed them both in this blue and grey chevron. I quilted with a wide zigzag and my walking foot. I used a scrappy binding on both quilts.

For Saff-4

Here is just the stroller quilt:

For Saff-2

And here is just the doll quilt:

For Saff-3

I think they turned out pretty cute and I hope my friend (and her two boys) love them.

Patchwork Keepsake

6 Mar

I was asked to make this quilt by a friend. She wanted something made from her son’s old receiving blankets. I decided to stick to a simple, random patchwork design so that you’d get to see a big portion of the blankets themselves. I didn’t want to fuss with them by making too many seams but I wanted it to have some movement so didn’t want the squares too big.

This is a twin size and it is 20×15 5” blocks (yes, it took for-ev-er to cut and piece 300 charm squares). The flannel was fairly easy to work with after a good press.

For Alexis-2

This quilt was actually quilted on a long-arm by a friend of mine who just purchased one and wanted some practice. She did a great job of an all over loopy pattern. It saved me a bit of time and I didn’t have to wrestle a twin size quilt around on my machine.

For Alexis-3

I did the binding in a blue stripe from an old line, it worked perfectly with the crosshatch back I purchased.

For Alexis

I hope my friend loves the quilt and enjoys the memories of when her little boy was just a baby.

Woodland Baby Quilt

26 Feb

My daughter has been going to the same daycare since I returned to work on March last year and her daycare provider recently had a baby. She is so great with Addie and I really appreciate everything she does. I asked her some general questions about her nursery, she said she had soft greens and blues and had a love of owls.

I made a simple square in square design and just played with the math until I had proportions I liked (it was really cold and windy the day I photographed this and my quilt holder was not very impressed).

For Ashleigh-4

The back is this wonderful woodland print from the line Critter Patch.

For Ashleigh

I quilted this with a free motion wood grain design that I practiced before Christmas. I’m embarrassed to say that this is the first actual finished piece I have free-motion quilted. It’s not perfect but it was actually really fun and I think it turned out great.

For Ashleigh-2

I always love making baby quilts. I like to imagine the quilt being well loved for many years.

For Ashleigh-3

For Two Little Dudes

23 Feb

I actually finished these quilts months ago and am just getting around to posting about them now. I made these quilts for a special friend of mine when she was expecting twins. I wanted to get them done as soon as possible in case they were born early. Turns out everything went super well and they stayed in until 36 weeks! They were born last weekend and everyone is happy and healthy at home.

These were actually a group gift, so even though I did the work the sentiment (and purchases) was from a group of women. Photo credit goes to my awesome friend Lindsay who not only took the photos but delivered them to the mom-to-be before Christmas.

I used Elizabeth Hartman’s Crazy Nine Patch Lattice pattern for both quilts and delicious Fanfare flannel for the backs and bindings.




I quilted them with random wavy lines. I just used my walking foot and moved the quilts around as I went. It was hard on the shoulders but quite easy to do otherwise.



These were really fun to do and I hope the boys enjoys many years of snuggles under them.


For Baby N 2.0

5 Jan

Wow I’m behind on blogging. See, I can explain. My dear husband decided to buy me a new copy of Lightroom for editing my photos and we decided it was time for a good clean up of my computer, so we wiped the entire thing and did a clean install. When we went to install Lightroom it wouldn’t install, turns out the new version does not work on Windows Vista. Well a few weeks and a new OS later, I’m finally back in business with a functioning computer.

This quilt was completed back in November for a friend who was expecting her second baby, she has since had a beautiful baby boy!

I used Elizabeth Hartman’s Knee Sock pattern. I just loved the pattern and decided that 4 blocks would be a good baby size (48 x 48). Had I done a little pre-planning I would have discovered that things would have gone a lot more quickly with strip piecing. As it was I followed the pattern and cut each tiny piece individually. I made an error too in the block construction – but I still LOVE this quilt. I love it so much I want to make myself a big version.

I finished this quilt on a Monday night in the winter, with plans of giving it away on a Wednesday night. There was literally not one moment of daylight where I was able to take photos between completion and gifting, so these dark snow pictures will have to do.

The front is a mix of blue prints and Kona Ash:

For Spencer

For Spencer-2

Quilted in non-fussy straight lines:

For Spencer-4

The back is Fanfare flannel, so soft and cozy:

For Spencer-3

I hope the newest baby N has many warm snuggles with this quilt.

For Baby V

8 Oct

It’s been a long time since I last blogged. I didn’t have any finished projects to share and I didn’t think my last minute bee-block sewing required posting, if I posted about it I might have run out of energy to post them in the actual mail.

This is a quilt I was working on for a long time. It’s for some dear friends who recently welcomed their second baby, a little boy. I had the pattern and fabric back in…April? Maybe even sooner. I wanted to make Elizabeth Hartman’s New Wave pattern for a long time, so I diligently cut out all my wedges, laid out the plan and got to work sewing. Eventually I realized that I had cut 15 rows rather than 12. 15 wouldn’t work (long and skinny anyone?) so then I edited my 15 down to 12, but that meant changing the order (and subsequent sashing). I spent an hour picking stitches but then never wanted to look at it again. So it sat a bit, I actually considered scrapping the whole thing and starting again. I’m glad I didn’t! I love the way it turned out.

Backing was simple (pieced twice because of a miscalculation (doh!) and I kept the binding simple as well. I hope Baby V grows to love this quilt.

For Cedrick (1 of 5)

For Cedrick (3 of 5)

For Cedrick (4 of 5)

For Cedrick (5 of 5)

Summer is settling down and I’m making more time to sew so I hope I can share more soon.