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Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap

22 Nov

I am so happy to be participating in another round of the Schnitzel & Boo  Mini Quilt Swap. This is the third round and my second time participating. There are over 950 participants this time. This is a well run and very fun swap! I realized when I started planning for my quilt this go around that I didn’t blog my finished quilt from last time.

My partner last time liked jewel tons and Tula Pink fabric. I had been working on my Elizabeth Hartman Aviatrix Medallion quilt (still a work in progress), but thought it would be fun to use one of the free pattern add-ons to make just the centre block in one of the larger sizes, I used the 24” version for this pattern. I decided to use all solids on the front inspired by the fun Tula print on the back.  The binding really wins in my opinion and is the perfect pop of colour.

Here are the finished results! I’m so happy with how this turned out and sending it away was tough.

Mini Swap

Mini Swap-2

Mini Swap-3

Mini Swap-4

Light on Sewing

4 Apr

I have to admit, there has not been much sewing going on lately. Last time I was in my sewing room I was only cutting, and that was a week ago! Work is busy and I had an exam for my professional designation last week as well. Tonight when I had a bit of time I went downstairs and found this:

April 4 2011 (1 of 10)

And this:

April 4 2011 (2 of 10)

Yeah so not exactly the most inspirational space. I was so excited with the new sewing machine and trying to keep up with the end of Block-A-Palooza (post coming soon) that I kind of randomly threw things on the floor.  So I spent a little time cleaning up.

April 4 2011 (3 of 10)

April 4 2011 (4 of 10)

Not exactly revolutionary but it’s much better. I still really need to organize my fabric and I plan to refold it all and organize it soon (although realistically maybe after tax season).

The reward for working so hard tonight?

Opening up these beauties:

April 4 2011 (5 of 10)

New labels!

April 4 2011 (6 of 10)

I wasn’t perfectly happy with the old ones. They slipped when sewing and were small. I decided I needed something a little less personal as well. You can expect to see both of them used, although these ones will likely be used more often. They are woven and perfect!