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Instagram, meet Blog

26 Nov

I’ve spoken many time of my love for Instagram, and you are more likely to find me there these days. It fits the pace of my life at the moment. Instead of sitting down at a computer and writing a post that needs to include photos from a real camera, edited and converted to JPEGs, and hopefully some intelligent thought, I can just snap a photo with my phone and post it instantly.

I was feeling so appreciative of my little community on Instagram that I decided to have a giveaway when I hit 200 followers (or was it 250?), that was back in June. No catch, just post a comment I would make a mini for the winner. Holly at Holly’s Red Bike won and I was very pleased to make her a mini! I was lucky enough to visit her in her Vancouver home in late June and see her quilts. Then she took me on a wonderful tour of the city. I finished up this mini for her in July based on her space and getting to know her a little better!

I decided to combine Holly’s love of books and Lizzy House to make her one fun, colourful mini! I used the pattern from Patchwork Please (Books for Baby) but I made them smaller and after a few failed attempts with the pattern I winged it. Here are the results!

For Holly

For Holly-2

For Holly-3

For Holly-4

It just occurred to me now I didn’t make a personalized label! Next time I visit Vancouver I’ll bring one along to stitch on 😉

PS: I just hit 500 followers on the weekend so I’m hosting another mini giveaway. Come see me on IG (@jaclynb) for the details.

Converging Corners

23 Jun

Long time no blog. Turns out working, taking care of a baby and making an attempt at having a life is kind of time consuming. No completed sewing projects means no blogging about sewing projects!

I finally finished something though. I needed some handwork to do for a Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild meeting and the quilt I had been cutting and piecing was nowhere near the binding stage. I decided to whip together my bee blocks from the Simply Solids Bee instead. Since I had 11/12 blocks already (made by my lovely bee mates) I only had to make one, piece the back, baste and quilt it quick and do the binding.

Here is the finished product:

Converging Corners (3 of 4)

I love the bright scrappiness. When I was picking a project for the Bee this is exactly what I envisioned. Lots of thoughts went through my head for the back, in the end I decided to do one mega block, slightly modified to be rectangle rather than square.

Converging Corners (1 of 4)

The quilting is random intersecting straight lines (in hindsight I wish it was a little more dense) and the binding is scrappy as well.

I love this! And it is the first quilt I have completed that has no purpose, it’s not meant to be a gift and I have no specific use in mind so I’m not sure where it is going to live.

Converging Corners (2 of 4)

Converging Corners (4 of 4)

I hope to have more finished projects to share soon.

Addie’s Quilt Progress

8 Mar

I’ve been busy this week. Doesn’t seem like much but it’s progress!



My goal is to be binding by the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild Meeting on Wednesday night.

Wish me luck.

2013 Goals and Projects

1 Jan

My lack of posting should only indicate my lack of finished projects, not my lack of brain activity. While 2012 was certainly a challenging year in terms of sewing time I did embark on quite a few projects that I think will make for a very productive and exciting 2013.

So here we go!

Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild:

I was not the one to suggest Saskatoon start a chapter of the modern quilt guild, but I went to the first meeting, and now find myself in a significant role. I am really excited about the year ahead. We are planning projects, challenges, meetings, logistics. We have a newsletter, Twitter, Facebook page and we will have a website early in the new year. We have only been around for 2 months but we have made great progress. Consider checking us out, and if you live in Saskatoon come to our meetings!

Quilting Bees:

I am a member of a small informal quilting bee and my month was several months ago so I have some blocks to assemble into a quilt top (I’ll need to add a bunch of my own.

I also recently joined the Simply Solids bee over at Sew at Home Mummy, and it looks like my month is first! So I should have blocks rolling in to show you by the end of February.

Skill Builders:

I still want to improve many of my quilting skills including FMQ, paper piecing and curves. To help me achieve my goals I joined two block-of-the-month groups for the year.

Lucky Stars over at Don’t Call me Betsy – This is a paper pieced star every month. If you want to sign up it’s only $10 before January 5th (then it’s $15).

Skill Builder BOM at Pile O’ Fabric – As the name suggests this is a skill builder with a new skill every month.


I have several unfinished projects. I do not sew enough to do a WIP post weekly, but I want to update on all my projects at month end. I’ll get a current WIP post up this week to serve as my starting point. I will also add projects that are not yet started but that I have in my mental queue.


I signed up for a spot in do. Good Stitches {a Charity Bee}, I’ll keep you posted once I have my assignment for the year. 


I should have a really busy year ahead of myself with all of these projects but I’m excited too. My goal is one finish a month, but I have extended that to all crafting projects (I recently took up knitting and I have a few hand sewing projects I want to complete). I also signed up for a few Craftsy classes but I’m not in a huge rush to use them, so I will talk about them when I do.


Happy New Year to all my readers!

photo 1(3)

Sewing Room Progress

19 Oct

The organization has begun! I am anxious to get back to sewing (and other crafting) so I set aside some time this week to get started with the long task of putting things back together.

I have progress photos (only iPhone quality for now)!

That little white unit is from IKEA and I’m happy to finally have a place to store my tools and thread (until my husband builds me a spool holder):


This is my new shelving. It is wider, deeper and much stronger than the previous plastic shelf I had. I might get a few more brackets and another shelf or two. I organized most of my solids by colour a few nights ago.

image (2)

And here is the pile of stuff I still need to sort through and put away. Yeah it’s not pretty. No sewing is happening until it’s done because I can’t even see my ironing board and cutting table.

image (3)

I’m getting there though. I hope to finish up this weekend. Wish me luck.

The Scary Truth

9 Oct

So I have not blogged, and mostly I have not blogged because I have not sewn anything in a really long time. The last quilt I completed was almost a year ago now!

So you all know about the baby – and that might be excuse enough – but the real truth is that I had no room to sew. When we were renovating our house before baby’s arrival we moved a ton of stuff into my sewing room, and even after we moved things back out it never really recovered. My shelf was falling apart so I had fabric stacked all over the floor. Add a new knitting hobby to the mix and you have total chaos!

The good news is that I got some new shelving this weekend and now I start the long process or sorting and folding all of my fabric and putting it away so I can clean up the rest of the room. There have been so many nights I have wanted to sew but I haven’t because of the giant mess in there. Things are hard to find and it just weighed on me mentally.

Photographic evidence:

From the door – SCARY!

Mess (5 of 5)

The leaning tower of fabric:

Mess (2 of 5)

Junk, junk and more junk:

Mess (4 of 5)

Knitting stuff – on the floor – and other random garbage:

Mess (3 of 5)

Cutting table – not much cutting going on:

Mess (1 of 5)

So let this confession be the start of something great. I hope I can share some after pictures really soon.

Hand Stitching!

13 May

As I mentioned in my last post there is an online hand stitching class hosted by Stitched in Color, well registration opened a few days ago and I’m all signed up! You can find the details on this page. If you’d like to join me feel free to sign up and we can share project progress. I think this class is set up perfectly because there is a week of space between each lesson which really allows for time between the lessons. I still have a few more supplies to pick up but I’m excited to get started.

I also picked up everything I need for my Sewing Buddy Challenge. Here is a little sneak peek.

And thanks for the Congrats on the birth of our little girl. She is making this one very special Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!